Pallet collars

Pallet collars are a globally used and proven packaging solution.

Are you looking for a compact and effective alternative to a lattice box or transport crate?
Pallet collars are just the thing for you!

Pack your cargo safely for worldwide shipping with our hardwood pallet lids.
With the help of pallet collars europallets, display and industrial pallets become more flexible and can be turned into boxes, should the need arise.

With effortless ease can pallet collars be stacked upon one another to reach the needed height.

All of our pallet collar are treated according to IPPC ISPM15 and are suitable for worldwide shipping.

Their galvanized hinges, make the collars foldable and, therefore, space-saving in their storage.


Product information on pallet collars:

Aufsatzrahmen 1200x800x200mm 600x800x200mm | AdlerPack

✔ heat-treated (HT) and kiln-dried (KD) to 14% residual moisture;

✔ made from shaven softwood or hardwood;

✔ diagonally or medially foldable;

✔ IPPC / ISPM certificate;

✔ available in all types and in various sizes;

✔ with 4 or 6 galvanized hinges;

✔ made from one-board or two-boards;

✔ made from first-rate or second-rate quality wood;

✔ your company logo and/or company names can be applied;

✔ available in bundles of 108 and 120 pieces.



Aufsetzrahmen | AdlerPack

Aufsatzrahmen Paket | AdlerPack












Aufsatzrahmen auf Europalette | AdlerPack


The following sizes are available:

✔ 800 x 1200 x 200 mm

✔ 600 x 800 x 200 mm

✔ 1000 x 1200 x 200 mm


Other size needed?

Upon request we can custom-build pallet collars according to your individual requirements within two weeks.

Any size up to 3500 mm is possible.



Not only can you request custom length, width and/or height, but also the number of the hinges. We manufacture collars with 4 or 6 galvanized hinges, that are foldable diagonally or medially.

The pallet collar system is ideally complemented with matching pallet lids the and represents a viable alternative to a wooden box and will serve as effective protection for your goods. Our pallet lids are available in any required size.


Aufsatzrahmen Logo | AdlerPack



Any pallet collars can be customized.

Your logo and/or product name (letters/ digits/ special characters) can be applied to collars with the help of screen printing or branding.

Applying your company logo enhances the corporate identity.

Applying the product name can facilitate the identification and allocation of your products in the warehouse.


We will gladly make you an offer on pallet collars made from first-rate or second-rate quality wood.




Contact us via phone our online online form for comprehensive advice, should you have any further questions.

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