Chemical pallets


The possible application range for chemical pallets is diverse.

Chemical pallets (also referred to as CP pallets) are special industrial pallets, which were originally developed for the needs of the chemical and plastics industries. Chemical pallets can be obtained in various designs – CP1 to CP9, which were each designed for different types of goods.

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Some examples:

CP1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 mm – sacks, cartons, flexible intermediate bulk containers

CP2 Pallet 800 × 1200 mm – boxes, fiber drums, canisters

CP3 Pallet 1140 × 1140 mm – barrels, flexible intermediate bulk containers, octabins

CP4 Pallet 1100 × 1300 mm – sacks

CP5 Pallet 760 × 1140 mm – cartons

CP6 Pallet 1200 × 1000 mm – sacks

CP7 Pallet 1300 × 1100 mm – sacks

CP8 Pallet 1140 × 1140 mm – octabins with bottom drains

CP9 Pallet 1140 × 1140 mm – drums, flexible intermediate bulk containers, octabins


CP3, CP8 and CP9 pallets are mostly used for loading containers.

Although the pallets were developed for use in the chemical industry, they can also be loaded with other goods.

The chemical pallet data sheet contains full technical specifications and necessary information.

CP2 Pallet Chemical pallets | ADLERPACK

CP2 Pallet Chemical pallets | ADLERPACK












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