Display pallets

The display pallets as a shipping container and product display unit.


Viertelpalette 600x400mm | AdlerPack Of the wide range of pallet sizes the display pallet is particularly often used in the food industry.

The display pallet is a specially made pallet with dimensions of 600 x 800 mm (half pallet), 400 x 600 mm (quarter pallet), 800 x 800 mm or 800 x 400 mm, which, aside from their transport function, are also used for merchandise presentation in retail.

Display pallets are therefore defined not by their design, but only by their intended use.

We manufacture display pallets in various designs, so that they are accessible by a pallet jack from two or four sides.

Our pallets are usually made of hardwood and can heat-treated and/or dried according to IPPC ISPM 15.



Düsseldorfer Palette | AdlerPack



We can provide you with so-called Dusseldorf pallets (UIC Standard 435-3), which are used as exchangeable between industry and retail.

The Dusseldorf palette is a product of cooperative development by food and trade industries and can be exchanged by the shipping company.

The Dusseldorf pallet is a very stable one and, as opposed to various display pallets, can be accessed by a forklift or a pallet jack from all sides.





Display-Paletten / Halbpaletten | AdlerPack

We constantly have a wide selection of ready-made display pallets in stock, so a rapid delivery can take place.


Half pallet 800 x 600 mm | with or without IPPC-treatment | first-rate or second-rate quality wood

5 deck boards 600 x 75 x 15/17 mm
2 stringer boards 800 x 75 x 15/17 mm
6 solid wood blocks 75 x 75 x 78 mm
3 bottom boards 600 x 75 x 15/17 mm

Half pallet 800 x 600 mm |  with or without IPPC-treatment | first-rate or second-rate quality wood

5 deck boards 800 x 80 x 18 mm
3 scantlings 600 x 100 x 40 mm


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