Non-standard pallets

Non-standard pallets – as individual as your products.

Non-standard pallets | ADLERPACK

You want to store and transport your products with minimum space requirements, but the desired freight does not fit the standard size cargo pallets?
We are at your service, because special goods require special transport packaging!

With custom-made non-standard pallets you can not only significantly save valuable space in storage and transportation, but also trim shipping costs.

The demand for custom-built pallets is steadily increasing.
We offer custom-made non-standard pallets, that exactly meet your individual needs and desires.
The suitable pallet will be manufactured according to your sketch or design.

A variety of designs of oversized pallets are possible.



Non-standard pallets | ADLERPACK


Our product range also includes compatible accessories, such as pallet lids and collars.

Do you require custom-sized crates?

We will gladly provide you with suitable collars setting for your non-standard pallets, which can not only facilitate transportation, but also, in certain cases, storage.

Any size up to 3500 mm is possible.

All custom-sized pallets can be equipped with a suitable lid. These are used for securing cargo and/or as basis for stacking to save valuable space in storage and transportation.



Alongside suitable accessories, we offer our customers various services, such as:


✔ shaved surfaces, beveled corners, beveled edges, drilled holes and other special requests;

✔ IPPC ISPM 15 certified heat treatment and/or kiln drying;

✔ manufacture from first-rate or second-rate quality wood;

✔ applying your logo/article name to our products with the help of rubber stamps or branding irons.


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