Wholesale pallets manufacturer and supplier

Range of Services

Solutions, which we individually adapt to your needs.

As a wholesale pallets manufacturer and supplier we can offer you a complete range of products, from common one way pallets and up to a custom-built solutions.


IPPC ISPM 15 certified heat treatment and/or kiln drying

The heat treatment according to the IPPC International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) is stringently required for any exporter of wooden packaging to countries outside Europe.


Attractive prices and high capacity

In case of regular orders or an adequate order volume, we are willing to offer you particularly favorable terms of trade. With a larger quantity of orders and by the conclusion of a frame contract, rebates can be assured.


Short-term production and delivery

Our reliable shipping partners provide us with the opportunity to deliver orders safely and in time.


Stockpiling and fast delivery on call

A wide selection of prefabricated pallets and pallet collars in standard size always in stock and available for delivery.


Combined delivery – a variety of products in a single delivery truck

Ideal for customers using not only pallets, but also other types of packaging in their operation.


Custom labeling and branding

All wooden packaging can be customized. With the help of rubber stamps, branding irons, or high-quality screen printing it is possible to apply your logo and/or product name (letters/ digits/ special characters) to our products.
Applying your company logo enhances the corporate identity.
Applying the product name can facilitate the identification and allocation of your products in the warehouse.


Manufacture from wood of first-rate or second-rate quality

You don’t place value on material quality? You want an alternative?
No problem! In addition to our standard high quality offers we can provide you with products of cheaper quality.